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Our work

Due to the type of work our team do, such as compliance and privacy work, and the type of clients we work with for privacy and confidentiality we not able to show everything, so here is just a few items. Take a look and we look forward to working with you.

Some of our projects
Have a look around at some of the projects Green Arrow Consultancy has been a part of over the years.
Digital Consultancy and Agency Assistance
Green Arrow Consultancy has taken on an increasing number of projects over the past few years where large companies have found themselves in a difficult position, a website development project has come to a halt, there may be misunderstandings with the development of a digital project, Green Arrow can step in to assist both parties and get the great results company and agency likes.
Website and New Branding for Healey Fox
Green Arrow had developed the first website for Healey Fox at the start of our relationship 11 years ago (2011), in 2022 we developed a brand new website, the websit has a property management system and is fully integrated with SalesForce CRM system for better company management.
Christmas Social Media Campaign
We partnered with Scottish Hampers to help them increase engagement with people via Facebook who had a genuine interest in the products offered by Scottish Hampers. The promotion reach of 191,000 people over the course of the campaign, with 84,100 of these people viewing the campaign within the first 3 days!
Our Web Consultancy Service
Our reference from the Energizer team in the UK - What Energizer said about our Web Consultancy Service.
EcoAdvanced User Testing and Page Layout
As part of our user behavior study for Energizer, we identified these website pages were not performing as other pages on the website, the page was not getting the interaction expected. We used A/B testing to looked and test pages for performance and user engagement.
Energizer "Secret Life of Pets" Promotion
The promotion for Energizer was being run across 13 countries within Europe and the winners would win a soft toy relating to the film. The promotion gave away over 20,000 ‘Secret Life of Pets’ soft toys throughout all the regions involved.