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Our history

Learn about Green Arrow Consultancy, the history of our company and how we reached where we are today.


Darren Tyler started Green Arrow Consultancy in 2012, having left a past position as lead developer and 33% shareholder within a website development company. The only way to design, manage and consult to the standard Darren wanted was to set up his own business, this was a great move, and over the years has led to major development that is aligned with Darren’s work ethics.


With a keen interest in how to improve a whole business around improved digital focus, Darren foresaw that businesses needed more than a nice website. Today’s business owners wanted to understand how things worked. After gaining interest from larger clients looking for support working with agencies, they were in need of someone to oversee and make up for possible gaps or misunderstanding between design and development agencies and clients, a 3rd party consultant.


Having worked with Energizer Trading in Europe on small consultancy projects Green Arrow was asked to take over the management of 30 plus websites and increase consultancy work across the UK/EU. We expanded consultancy work for other large and small clients and took the decision to move the business towards digital consultancy and management. However, keeping our developers busy with development work for clients in the UK.


In 2015 Green Arrow assisted promotional agencies across many EU countries, working on summer promotions in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK. Whilst our work involved large development work, it also involved user behavior studies, journey tracking and so much more. We were now working with page layouts and on how to maximize the user journey.


The highlight of 2016 was working with Energizers major promotions. This involved 13 European countries, and promoting the children’s film Secret life of Pets by Illumination and Universal Studios. Green Arrow built the websites, and fully integrated the promotion with Facebook. This promotion focused on development and analytical work.


Full of praise for the work Green Arrow had done for them, Energizer invited us to take over the management of all Asian Pacific websites, this added 16 websites to the 35 plus sites we were already managing for Energizer.

And this was also the start of our adventure with privacy work.


Website privacy work had taken EU countries by storm. This was only the beginning ánd we were perfectly situated to take advantage of this due to the success of our early years’ work with GDPR. 


We embarked on our largest consultancy projects to date. It involved the mapping of digital assets for a fortune 500 company. Due to expansion the company had a large number of sites and did not fully understand the structure of management of them, which amounted to over 100 websites. We worked with agencies across the world to complete this project. 

This gave Green Arrow the shift to work with people in all levels of fortune 500 companies from the lower management to senior corporate lawyers, senior level directors and the CEO. This was now in alignment with Darren’s personal company goal to abridge the gap between various management levels and digital agencies.


In 2020 we saw another shift in how Green Arrow Consultancy was shaping its future. For a small company based in the Welsh Valleys we had clients globally but mostly in the USA, EU and South Africa. Our offerings were developing websites, management of websites, analytics, digital access for the disabled and of course privacy. We also progressed into privacy consultancy for instore, and offline business, no longer restricted to online work.

Now a Limited Company with one clear goal, to assist companies and make them aware of the importance of online security, privacy and accessibility. We would work to ensure we exceeded customer expectations.


Whilst our main focus by 2021 was privacy, disability and security consultancy we now had a range of high-profile brands as customers.  We worked on design, development and management of websites in South America, USA and Canada. 


Our clients say we stand out from the rest due to our long pedigree of work in development, analytics, privacy consultancy, accessibility and with security work all under our belt.  

Green Arrow was successful in taking over the management of the famous racing and autocare brands STP, Armor All and AC Pro’s website. We now manage over 200 websites, many being recognised global brands. With 50% of our clients based in the USA and with major shifts in privacy laws in the USA we expect this to continue in 2023.