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Bespoke Approach & retainers

Our tailored approach to compliance not only provides security, but it also operates a way through which you can free yourself from legal penalties.

In the given scenario where the power of the Internet is rising and consumers are becoming more aware of their rights over how data should be used by companies. It is of significance that your organisation possesses a privacy expert who can work with you closely on a long-term basis and who can provide you with the correct guidance. Our tailored approach to compliance not only provides security but also operates as a way through which you can free yourself from legal penalties. Our services will not only help you achieve agility and flexibility amongst other companies it will also help you to grow and avoid all types of risk on a consistent through premium data protection services.


Many small and large companies are taking the service of myself and Green Arrow Consultancy on retention or a bespoke approach. A long-term relationship like this allows the scope of obtaining your privacy and development needs on a much more intimate basis so that you can avoid all types of complaints from the market. Furthermore, the chances of you being compliant with the government at all times will elevate with my professional expertise.


We at Green Arrow Consultancy make sure to update ourselves with the latest rules and industry best practices around website security and privacy and I make it a rule to set out at least 15 hours each week to stay on top of any new regulations and industry practice. GDPR, or CCPA are my strong suit and where I have had the most experience however I am always on top of in creasing my skill set by reading furthermore about the other different types of privacy laws such as that in Canada, South America and Asia.


One of the key areas which I would like to highlight is that I have an immense and strong history in website development. I feel that this provides me as well as my company Green Arrow Consultancy a competitive edge amongst other firms as I am directly able to interact with your internal staff and developers at a much more communicative level. I feel that my history in this area provides your team with an insider approach to privacy. In this regard, my team is highly qualified in the same respect and can assist you inmoving forward with your privacy endeavours, and of course, where needed assist your developers.