Member of International Association of Privacy Professionals


Darren Tyler

I love learning and have a strong belief in making the web work for everyone. I specialise in privacy compliance, regulations and website accessibility and these are some of the areas I am challenging myself professionally. However, there are always a few subjects that I let other team members take the lead on.

I am an avid learner when it comes to privacy compliance rules, regulations and the amendments that it entails. I easily spend as much as 15 hours a week and sometimes even more, challenging myself and learning more about the different types of cases, new laws, penalties and best practise. This all I believe curves out a way I can help my clients to work through Data Protection Regulations, privacy and security.

Even before GDPR had been initiated, our company was managing over a 100 websites and helping companies achieve ethical working over the course of many years. This number is now over 200 websites.

In terms of experience, for over 23 years I have been working closely with websites as I had primarily started out as of web developer. I have had close first-hand experience in training with other development professionals and over the years have expanded my skills to privacy laws and more.

I believe in “Keeping Learning” and constantly expanding my scope of work through being able to provide services that present value to consumers.

I have worked closely with brands such as Energizer Group for 11 years now as a independent digital consultant and in that time my responsibilities as grown several folds while being with the company.

I live in Wales and am blessed to have a splendid family. With God’s grace, I have been blessed with two sons and one daughter. My wife was is a nurse within the NHS until a few years back when she left nursing and started working for Green Arrow, They are my support system to keep making me work harder to help my clients provide the services they need.

I am a Member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and have been trained through One Trust and am a Certified Cookie Consent Expert by OneTrust. I work very closely with the Osano Privacy team, who I cannot recommend enough, a great friendly and knowledgeable team

I have worked closely with major consultancy and website development companies all over the globe and have all the answers to your privacy needs however, it is imperative to state that I am not a legal expert. While I attempt to provide you with the best there is to offer when it comes to digital compliance, I am certainly not a lawyer. I do work closely with lawyers in

Privacy above all else has become my love and passion as my family members are brought to tears whenever I start speaking excessively about it. I have other passions as well as I take out time for reading theology, walks in the national park and helping others through “Lend with Care” to secure a better future by building their own business with assistance from Land With Care.

Not all heroes wear capes
We are a a complete digital management agency based in South Wales, we offer everything from website development, social media, online marketing, analytics and so much more..
Not complying with privacy laws could mean fines and losing your customer’s trust. Let Green Arrow Consultancy help you through the minefield of privacy regulations and assessments including GDPR, CPRA, and CDPA.
Every business website must be accessible to people with disabilities, or it will be at risk of being sued and facing unnecessary legal expenses. We can assist you in making your website accessible to everyone.
With 21 years of experience in digital development, management, and marketing, we feel our clients are looking for a company that truly understands what they do and what they need.
Every company has the desire for analytics and business intelligence. Green Arrow works with ethical analytics platforms, and we encourage our clients to only collect data in a way that respects their clients.
We have experience working with companies of various sizes and are proud to say that we are far from your standard digital agency. With over 60 years of experience within our team, Green Arrow will bring a wide range of skills to your next project.
We are trusted to manage websites globally, including many brands, you would instantly recognise. Our website management is proactive and covers much more than just the “normal” approach!
If you are a charity or other local service that needs website development or any of the digital services that we offer, please get in touch with our team to find out about our reduced rates for charities.
Privacy Consultancy
Privacy compliance is not just about websites, we help run complete privacy projects for companies, this includes data management, Vendor assessments, ROPA etc. You will find that at Green Arrow we are there for every part of your business.