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Website privacy management

There are 10 core steps that are taken by
Green Arrow Consultancy in order to ensure
that the data privacy compliance framework is being implemented correctly.

We have the utmost respect for privacy laws. If your business is leading in privacy and can demonstrate it, you will win more customers, no matter what part of the world you are based.

There are 10 core steps that are taken by Green Arrow in order to ensure that the data privacy compliance framework is being implemented correctly:

Framework Selection

In an organisation as per the level of intricacy, complexity, and level of internal management requirement, an overarching framework is required so that data privacy control measures can be implemented correctly throughout the business.

Understanding Obligations

We focus upon first understanding the nature of the business and information provided and only then aligning it with specific regulations that are provided by GDPR or CCPA or other regulations. Furthermore, we investigate industrial standards and best practice on website privacy and come to a conclusion of how privacy should be established in your organisation.

Understanding Risks

A variety of risks must be considered by your company in order for there to be privacy maintained not from only external means but internal means as well. This involves safeguarding the organisation from a variety of factors such as employees breaching confidential information, laptops falling into the wrong hands, backups, website updates etc, it’s not all about hacking these days but that is also a risk factor we look at. If you do not know or do not understand your risk then you are powerless to do anything about it.

Documentation of Policies

Risks need to be listed and specific policies created within your organisation that helps in protection you and your clients from data breaches. We can advise on the risk and assist you in developing internal practices or policies so you and your staff understand how to deal with risk factors.

Getting Buy-In

Once policies are created with the consultation that is provided by us, an intensive discussion with the senior management is mandatory as they will be the one who will implement these policies throughout the business in different departments such as technology, HR, training and development and more. We can be on hand to assist you in all of this, and where needed have access to a fantastic team of 3rd party consultants with different skill sets, based in the US and Europe.

Assigning Responsibility

Most of the time for any type of data leakage, the IT Legal or Marketing department are held responsible for compliance and risk management. However, specific departments have their own responsibilities of looking over the information that leaks through them and these types of responsibility we would point out as part of our consultancy service with you.

Providing Training and Communication

We can assist you through online training, and training guides designed with your organisation uniquely in mind, a custom approach you may say, this would allow your team to be more informed and confident in any role around identified risk.

Deploying Programmes

A variety of programs can be deployed within your organisation that will help in preventing day-to-day risks:

  • Impact Assessment
  • Interacting with People
  • Third-Party Transfers
  • Breach Management

Monitoring Progress

This is a method through which I makes sure that all of the measures and consultancy that has been provided is appropriately managed in the coming months so that your privacy is maintained at the best level possible, normally this is done other a 12 month agreement, however this again can be very flexible to fit your business needs.