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Privacy by design

It is of importance that your website is created with the privacy and security of global consumers in mind. Privacy does not have to be hard work.

Your website must be created with the privacy and security of global consumers in mind. Privacy does not have to be hard work for you.

For your website to be successful, it is important to have the assistance of someone who has a comprehensive understanding of compliance from the get-go. I provide you with the assistance needed to lead new projects based on Privacy by Design. Many companies make the mistake of developing an entire website only to be reminded of privacy and security compliance at the very end. This approach is wrong as it not only forces your employees to re-work the website but also creates more stress on your budget. It will also worry your legal or marketing team at the point you were looking forward to promoting your new website. 

It is important that your website is created with the privacy and security of consumers globally in mind. This is because, in different places around the globe, different types of laws prevail. For instance, in Europe, there are growing concerns in big and small businesses over the implementation and enforcement of GDPR. There are eight basic governing principles of GDPR:


Requiring Consent over Data Subjects.

Should Only Keep the Data for the Purpose It Has Been Collected.

Should Be Accurate.

Should Be Up-To-Date with Current Legislative.

Should Only Be Kept As Long As It Is Required.

Should Be Made Available to the Data Owner.

Should Be Processed Securely.

Should Be Processed within the EU.

Principles such as these are not just limited to Europe as your business might operate outside of the UK as well in places such as California where the implementation of CCPA is prevalent, most countries are now bringing forward laws and enforcement around privacy. More and more companies are collecting data, many without even knowing it. Your business might be operating in five countries around the globe, so it is important to have a privacy expert who understands the laws and amendments that are required to ensure that you have complied with all the laws that country requires you to abide by.

Obtaining and maintaining customers’ trust is essential as any leakage of information might push your brand into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Moreover, if a specific complaint officer or regulator starts investigating your case for privacy measures being complied with; excessive scrutiny can create immense stress in your workplace, bringing your team's production down.

Making compliance experts a part of the entire web development process from start to finish not only enhances internal team work but also helps to create an intimate exchange of knowledge between each employee on what their duty is to ensure compliance laws are correctly adhered to. This where I come in with the skills to work with you and your team. Our CEO (Darren Tyler) has a background in development and large scale website project management. He now specialises in privacy and accessibility and this is an area he enjoys working in and is always learning and reading up on the subject to ensure his knowledge is up to date.

All of our privacy services are aimed towards helping to avoid any type of penalties that might occur because of non-compliance for your business. All of the services that are provided by our privacy assessment are contractually confidential so that you can exchange your concerns without any external worries. Our execution when it comes to privacy compliance is effective and it helps in optimising your business to make it aware of your risk and wherever possible remove those risks.


All privacy consultancy work is currently done by Darren Tyler (CEO of Green Arrow Consultancy).