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Agency Assistance

A large proportion of Green Arrow Consultancy's work over the years has been collaborating with other digital agencies. No matter how good the agency, or the clients marketing team are, the language between the two skill sets can sometimes struggle to align and thats a place we can help.

Agency Assistance - Working with Clients and Agencies

This type of project is sensitive to companies so I have not included company name, however this type of work is vital and growing, and for this reason I wanted to add something into the project section of my website.

A large proportion of Green Arrow Consultancy’s work is collaborating with other digital agencies. Darren has taken on several projects over the past few years where large companies have found themselves in a difficult position where their staff retention rates aren’t meeting the proposed targets, contracts are awarded to digital agencies and then the company finds that its spending tens of thousands of pounds, at times more, on a project where they don’t know who is accountable for each element and they struggle to hold differing agencies to account.

This is not to say that digital agencies are trying to charge without completing the work to the specifications, although this can happen of course (it is rare), but in general every project needs clarity. We have found that in most cases it is a communication problem that holds the digital agency up and stops them getting on and completing the project they have been ask to do. Another frequent problem is the client has not provided all the information that’s required and new staff come on board and the lines of communication deteriorate, it’s no ones fault its just an issue that happens as staff leave and replacements do not fully understand all that’s going on within a web project, losing track of who is responsible for each element of the company’s digital assets.

In the current times, this appears to be a growing trend within my business sector. At Green Arrow Consultancy, we are regularly hearing from organisations who are having problems with their chosen digital agency/agencies. Directors and management are coming to us exasperated, as the project they have paid out for has ground to a halt. After giving us the details of who they are working with on their web presence and giving us any data they have, it’s then for me as a consultant to talk to all the agencies concerned and work out where the problem(s) within the project currently are. I will consider why the project is being held up, if this is the case. It is then my job to generally assist the company to ensure that the project gets completed and I will help them understand why a digital agency is vital to a successful website, with my assistance companies can also get a much better understanding of what is critical to the web presences and what can be further down the line.

Once I have all the information available and I have spoken to everyone involved and got a full picture of the project and its problems, I can the help the company put a plan into action which works for them. This will bring clarity to the project and help all involved (including outside digital agencies).

Part of the plan of action can also be to see where the company’s budget is being spent. In all the cases, we have worked on to date, Green Arrow Consultancy has been able to reduce their digital spend, often saving the client over 30%.

Whilst we are mainly drafted in to work with large companies, including some household names, there are many merits to undertaking this type of “digital audit” for projects that are smaller in scale.

We’re here to assist as a 3rd party in a consultancy role. At Green Arrow Consultancy, we understand the problems that both companies and digital agencies have when collaborating on a large-scale project. It is stressful and strong lines of communication are required throughout. We are here to help both parties work together amicable and we could even save you money.

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