Healey Fox Ltd

Website and New Branding for Healey Fox

Green Arrow had developed the first website for Healey Fox at the start of our relationship 11 years ago (2011), in 2022 we developed a brand new website, the websit has a property management system and is fully integrated with SalesForce CRM system for better company management.

New Website and New Branding for Healey Fox

Over the past 11 years Darren and his team have enjoyed working with Healey Fox and in that time Green Arrow Consultancy has developed their website to keep up with their requirements and the business demands on their web presence.

Healey Fox to redevelop their website

We started working with Dan at Healey Fox 11 years ago. Darren and his team, Green Arrow had developed the first website for Healey Fox at the start of our relationship 11 years ago (2011). In 2016 we greatly improved the website adding several improvements and new features. As a custom property website, the site was used by Healey Fox as a CRM system. It makes use of many automated functions, including SMS/MMS integration features, appointment reminders, mass XML property import.

In 2022 sadly, but with excitement at the same time we needed to retire the website and build a new website up to a very modern standard, we needed to integrate the website with SaleForce for its CMS, this we advised due to better privacy and security measures that where needed to stay compliant, Healey Fox was now offering Currency Exchange as well as selling property in France and Spain. A lot of time went into the branding of the new website before we type a letter of code, in my view the new website speaks for itself, however Healey Fox has seen much improvement in user interaction with the website.

A Constructive Client / Provider Relationship

Healey Fox is a great client, and we are continuing to build our relationship with Healey Fox, its been a great 11 year journey with them, during that time there have been big developments in both how Green Arrow Consultancy works, but also how Healey Fox has changed, our goal has always been to develop relationships with clients and work with them to make life less challenging for our clients, at least on the website side of the business.

SEO and Consultancy with Healey Fox

we are working with Healey Fox on a number of projects, having now completed the brand transformation with the new website we will be more involved in the team at Healey Fox from a consultancy point, and have been asked to assist with SEO. With a passion for being involved in the drive forward, Healey Fox is certainly going in the right direction. With our advice, the team at Healey Fox understand how to make constructive use of blogs, information pages and even how to make the most of the properties added to strengthen the SEO work that we are working on for them.

Green Arrow Consultancy treasure the fact that we have a great client retention rate, and Healey Fox is truly testimony to this, which we believe will be an ongoing business relationship for a long time to come. When we have a true partnership with our clients it allows for strong progression to be made for all involved, as such I would also like to thank Dan Brewer, Director of Healey Fox.