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Phased approach to privacy

The dangers of not taking privacy seriously in your organisation might result in losing important clients, breaching privacy laws and most importantly jeopardizing the goodwill of your business amongst loyal consumers, not to mention large fines.

Approach to Privacy

My approach to privacy consists of a phased approach through which I can help you change your business's internal working to facilitate, improve and fortify the ways through which confidential information is safeguarded. I can work with both small and large companies and have experience in both. A phased approach is ideal for smaller businesses, whilst could also be used in a larger privacy environment. I would recommend that large companies look at a much more custom approach.

The dangers of not taking privacy importantly in your organisation might result in losing important clients, breaching privacy laws and most importantly jeopardizing the goodwill of your business amongst loyal consumers, not to mention large fines. Our pricing approach to helping companies implement privacy laws and regulations effectively is extremely cost-effective as we believe in providing companies with flexibility.

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Phase 1 – Risk Assessment (Privacy Gap Assessment)

To help perform a privacy assessment and maintain the protection of sensitive information. We focus on three primary aspects that include understanding the customer expectations in concerns with privacy, analyzing privacy obligations that your business has with other parties such as website users and evaluating the current landscape and how I might be able to assist in these regards. Our focus is primarily on protecting the Personal Identifiable Information or PII through which the individuality of clients and businesses with whom you interact is maintained confidential. For as little as £400 for small businesses and small charities, I can gauge the amount of threat through a risk assessment and have a clear understanding of the compliance needs that pertains to the business size or business type. Our main focus is on assisting the implemented map approach to juggling a lot of critical information processes easily. At Green Arrow Consultancy, our privacy services focus on achieving the following goals for clients: Providing clients with up-to-date information regarding compliance obligations and regulations. Assisting in the maintenance of privacy plans throughout your organisation. Facilitating bringing about operational changes from the ground level to the executive managerial level.


Phase 2 – Establish Internal Roles

In small companies, there is a clear indication of which person performs which type of work in different types of departments such as HR, IT, and others. For these different departments and small roles, we can help assist you in how to make a clear privacy focused plan that your staff will understand. In the United Kingdom and Europe, the Information Commissioner possesses the power of issuing fines per infringement of data protection regulations (GDPR). These fines go up to €10 million or 2% of the business’s global turnover and I can help you avoid this situation.

Statistical information suggests only 12% of reputable companies are willing or able to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), this may be a Californian law, but it has an effect for companies across the USA and even globally. This is a surprisingly large percentage as more and more people are becoming concerned about how confidential information is being treated. In large companies, this may be explored through the existing roles of individuals, my job here is to help you explore who within your company should be doing what and if you have any gaps, I may be able to plug these for you with my own expertise.

Phase 3 – Implementation of Privacy Compliancy Program

In order to implement the compliance project prepared by Green Arrow for your business, we will focus upon setting specific goals, rules, internal policies and standards to help you going forward to stay compliant and successful with the implementation of compliancy programmes.

If you don’t have internal policies in place your websites or apps will eventually break the law. We will give you easy to use guides and where needed reports and training. In the case of small companies, this can be very straightforward and take a few weeks or even days as per the internal structure of the business. However, for large companies, it can take a longer period of time, as in our experience working with multi-national companies tends to involve dealing with a large number of internal staff, more digital space is being used, often various websites or a much larger website. Therefore, this requires investigations into each area in order to make the privacy compliance program effective.

Our approach at Green Arrow is to help your business at every stage of compliance and support. We will be working with you for a number of months so that the privacy of your prospective clients can be maintained at every step and demonstrated.

Existing clients who have been with us for years can provide a testament to our work. Green Arrow Consultancy operates on the philosophy of “Leading the industry by example” and we exemplify this by the catalogue of websites we manage.