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How To Effectively Use Cookies
This article will give you a grounding in data privacy and the cookies that many websites use and how you need to be careful when using these on your company's website.
Is Data Security Possible on Social Media Sites?
Data security on social media platforms are on the rise. From high-profile data breaches to the dissemination of misinformation, users are becoming increasingly aware of the risks, but do they know how to reduce those risk?
Ethical Data Use A Basic Human Right?
Data privacy has emerged as a critical concern, Governments are actively pursuing regulations to safeguard the personal data of their citizens, some recognising it as a basic human right.
NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent
Observer investigation reveals Meta Pixel tool passed on private details of web browsing on medical sites. This news story is from
Children's Online Privacy Protection (GDPR and COPPA)
Online privacy and protection is a major concern for parents, no matter the age of their children. There are laws in places to protect data collection from children and this article briefly aims to compare how the law in EU (GDPR) and the US (COPPA) differ, but we also need to remember that some parts can differ between member states in the EU and States in the US!
Are my website analytics breaking the law?
There are a whole host of things that can affect the lawfulness of your analytics, and we can’t list them all here. Therefore, we will focus on what the Schrems II ruling of 2020 means and how it will affect your analytics. We all should look at how we use analytics, make sure we are complying with the law.
What is a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
Maintaining compliance with privacy laws is critical if you don’t want to be hit by a large fine and want to make the online world a safer place for everyone. GDPR states that DPIAs, or data protection impact assessments must be adhered to.
Denmark: 6 months in jail for using Google’s services
GDPR is responsible for ensuring that personal data is processed legally, fairly and in a transparent manner. We all know how great Google is for being fair & transparent with how they process data… Ok that was a little sarcastic of me!
How you can use CCTV legally within the workplace
We explore the question "Is it legal for your employer to monitor employees using CCTV?" In most cases it is legal to have cctv active in the workplace, but not in all cases, CCTV within your workplace can be a problematic and we would always suggest that you consult an expert with this type of item.
Should the USA ban TikTok? 
The main worry for the US government is that the data TikTok has access to is used to spy on people, especially those in powerful positions who have access to valuable and highly sensitive information. There is a history of the Chinese government hacking U.S. government agencies