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Hello, I am Darren Tyler

I’m a self-employed web consultant and family man who lives in South Wales, near the Brecon Beacons. It is a beautiful place to live. Steeped in history, natural beauty with spectacular views and new places to explore, so it is a place I never get bored living in. Now back to how I can help you! With 20 years’ experience gained through working with several organisations and working with top agents, you will find I’m highly experienced and knowledgeable about Digital Asset Management, SEO and analytics.

Providing Services for your Business

I provide a variety of services which help my clients businesses grow and succeed from website design which includes designing e-commerce and property websites to SEO that really works! My knowledge of SEO will ensure that you get the desired result’s you’re looking for, with no false promises.
Other work that I undertake are as follows:

  • SEO consultancy and SEO Project Control.
  • Website security consultancy.
  • Quantifying a company’s ROI in Digital Assets.
  • Team Management on behalf of 3rd parties.
  • Quality Testing of Websites and other Web applications.
  • Web Development Management.
If you would like me to guide you through any of the above services I provide or feel that your business isn’t making the most of digital, please feel free to get in touch.

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